Why did OnePlus remove pop-up camera? A bunch of reasons…


Imagine this: you want to take a selfie, and a little camera pops up from the top of your phone like a surprise. It’s pretty neat, right? But why did OnePlus remove it?

Key Takeaways

  1. Space and Weight: The pop-up camera added bulk, conflicting with the trend towards slimmer phones and bigger batteries.
  2. Durability: Moving parts in the pop-up camera raised concerns about long-term reliability.
  3. Water and Dust Resistance: It was challenging to make the pop-up camera as water and dust-resistant as fixed cameras.

The Pop-Up Camera: A Brief History

Pop up camera of a phone

So, you know how phone screens are getting bigger and better, right? Everyone wants their phone to be all screen with no annoying notches or holes for the camera. Well, a smart solution to this was the pop-up camera.

Picture this: you want to take a selfie, and instead of a camera always sitting there on your screen, a little camera pops up from the top of your phone.

OnePlus put this nifty pop-up camera in their OnePlus 7 Pro phone. It gave users a full, clean screen with no interruptions and a pretty special way to snap selfies.

The pop-up camera was not just for show—it actually made selfies look better. The camera had a bigger lens and more glass, which means sharper and clearer pictures. It wasn’t flimsy either. This little pop-up hero went through some tough stress tests, and proved to be tougher than it seemed

So, the pop-up camera was a really creative way to give us that perfect full-screen experience while also improving selfie quality.

Why OnePlus Removed the Pop-Up Camera?

Despite its initial success, OnePlus decided to remove the pop-up camera from its later models. Several factors contributed to this decision.

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Space and Weight Constraints

So, here’s the deal with the pop-up camera. While it was super cool and all, it had a bit of a downside. This nifty little camera that popped up actually took up a lot of room inside the phone. It also made the phone a bit heavier.

Now, as time went on, people wanted their phones to be super slim and have bigger batteries. You know, we all want our phones to be light and last all day without charging. But here’s the problem: the pop-up camera was taking a lot of space.

So, as phones were getting thinner and batteries were getting bigger, the pop-up camera started to seem like a bit of a problem. It was taking up valuable real estate inside the phone that could be used for other things, like a bigger battery.

In short, while the pop-up camera was a fun and clever idea, it just didn’t fit in with the trend of making phones slimmer and more powerful.

Durability Concerns

Even though the pop-up camera was designed to be tough and durable, having parts that move always means there’s a higher chance something might break down over time. OnePlus said their pop-up camera could handle 300,000 ups and downs. That’s like using it 150 times a day for five years. Impressive, right?

But here’s the catch: no matter how well it’s built, things that move a lot tend to wear out eventually. It might work great at first, but after a while, pieces can start to wear out or break.

So, even with all those high numbers, there was still a worry about how long the pop-up camera would actually last without any issues. People were concerned about the long-term reliability, wondering if the camera would keep popping up smoothly year after year.

In short, while the pop-up camera was built to last, but its potential to last long was still skeptical.

Water and Dust Resistance

The pop-up camera was a really cool idea, but it had some tricky bits. One of the biggest challenges was keeping water and dust out. You know how we all worry about dropping our phones in water or getting dirt inside? Well, this was even trickier with a pop-up camera.

OnePlus did try to tackle this by adding a feature to keep dust away and even a system that made the camera hide if you dropped the phone. Pretty smart, right?

But here’s the thing: no matter how clever these fixes were, the pop-up design just wasn’t as good at keeping water and dust out compared to cameras that don’t move.

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So, while OnePlus did their best to protect the pop-up camera, the overall design made it tougher to achieve the same level of waterproofing you’d get with a fixed camera.

Market Trends and Consumer Preferences

phone without pop-up camera
phone without pop-up camera

So, even though the pop-up camera was super cool and fun, things started to change in the smartphone world. The industry began to lean towards other types of cameras, like punch-hole cameras and even cameras hidden under the display.

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These new camera styles were simpler and didn’t have any moving parts. This meant less chance of things breaking and made it easier to design phones that were waterproof and dustproof.

Plus, without the need for all that space for a pop-up mechanism, phone makers could use the extra room for other cool features, like bigger batteries or making the phone even slimmer.

As a result, the pop-up camera started to seem less attractive. People and phone makers alike began to prefer these new, less complex camera systems. It was like the pop-up camera was the hot new trend for a while, but then everyone moved on to the next big thing.


When OnePlus decided to remove the pop-up camera, it was part of a bigger trend in the smartphone world. Everyone is moving towards making phones that are sleek, simple, and really durable.

The pop-up camera was a cool and innovative idea, and it showed how much OnePlus loves trying new things. But, times change, and so do what people want from their phones.

Note: Any verdict given by us on any of the companies, or specs of a device is subjective. Our preferences can be different from yours, so be sure to conduct your own research to make a decision that is good for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which OnePlus phone has a pop-up camera?
The OnePlus 7 pro phone released in 2019 was introduced with a pop-up camera.
How long is the OnePlus 7 Pro supported?
The OnePlus 7 series was supported with software updates till 2021. The OxygenOS 12 was the last update for the OnePlus 7 series.
Is a pop-up camera good or bad?
In a nutshell, pop-up camera was a pretty exciting innovation. But any innovation has to be reliable to stay in the market and unfortunately, it was not.

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