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The OnePlus 12R is a smartphone that’s been causing quite a stir in the tech world. But it’s not just another phone from OnePlus. This one is set to change the game, especially when it comes to taking photos with your phone.

Key Takeaways

  1. Versatile Camera Setup: The OnePlus 12R features a 50MP main camera, 8MP ultrawide, and 2MP macro lens for diverse photo options.
  2. AI Eraser: Easily remove unwanted elements from photos for cleaner, more professional images.
  3. Enhanced Photography Tools: Includes Nightscape, Pro Mode, Hi-Res Mode, and Ultra Steady Mode and other tools to improve both photos and videos.
OnePlus 12R photography

A Closer Look at the Camera

The OnePlus 12R comes with a pretty impressive camera setup. It has a 50-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel ultrawide camera, and a 2-megapixel camera with a macro lens.

Now, you might look at this and think, “Isn’t that a bit basic compared to the OnePlus 12?” But here’s the thing: it’s not about the number of cameras, it’s about how good the pictures look.

First, the 50-megapixel main camera. It’s designed to capture sharp, detailed photos that really stand out. Whether you’re taking a picture of a beautiful sunset or a group shot with friends, this camera will make sure your photos look amazing.

Next up is the 8-megapixel ultrawide camera. This one is perfect for those times when you need to fit more into your shot. Think of it like stepping back to get a bigger view without actually moving. Great for landscapes, or any scene where you want to capture a lot in one frame.

Lastly, there’s the 2-megapixel macro camera. This might seem small, but it’s all about the details. If you love taking close-up shots of flowers, insects, or anything with intricate details, this lens is made for you. It lets you get really close to your subject and capture fine details that you wouldn’t see with a regular lens.

Although the Ultra-wide and Macro cameras are pretty good, they are not good enough as compared to OnePlus 12.

Oneplus 12r Auxiliary Cameras – Not good enough!

So, if you’re into photography and want a phone that takes great pictures without all the extra frills, the OnePlus 12R is a solid choice. It’s got everything you need to capture stunning photos, whether you’re a casual snapper or a budding photographer.

Even though the OnePlus 12R is easier on the wallet, it still offers a great camera experience. The main camera takes high-quality photos, and the macro camera adds some extra fun and flexibility to your picture-taking.

If you want to see samples of pictures, you can visit GSMArena

AI Eraser: A Game Changer

oneplus AI
Image Courtesy: OnePlus

OnePlus has announced a new feature called AI Eraser, which will soon be available on several of its latest phones, including the OnePlus 12R. This feature is similar to the ones already seen on Google’s Pixel phones and the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 series. With AI Eraser, you can easily remove unwanted elements from your photos by simply circling them.

Imagine you’ve taken a great photo, but there’s something in the background that you wish wasn’t there – maybe a photobomber or a stray object.

With AI Eraser, you just draw a circle around the unwanted part, and the AI will do the rest. It cleverly removes the circled area and fills in the gap to make it look like the unwanted element was never there.

This feature is perfect for cleaning up your photos and making them look more polished and professional.

This feature also helps to remove any private info in the picture for security reasons which is a great benefit.

OnePlus is rolled out this feature April 2024. By adding AI Eraser, OnePlus continues to show its commitment to enhancing user experience with smart, intuitive tools.

OnePlus 12R Camera Features

The OnePlus 12R is loaded with an array of features that elevate your photography and videography to new heights. Let’s dive deep into each feature and see how they can make your photo and video experience better:

1. Frame Watermark

This feature allows you to add a personalized watermark to your photos. Whether it’s your name, a logo, or a custom message, it adds a unique touch to your images. This is particularly useful for content creators and businesses who want to brand their images consistently.

2. Auto HDR

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology automatically adjusts the light and dark areas of your photo to produce a balanced and clear image.

This is especially handy in situations where there is a lot of contrast between the bright and dark areas, such as a sunny day with shadows or indoor scenes with varied lighting.

3. Interval Shooting (Time-lapse)

Also known as time-lapse photography, this feature captures a series of photos at specified intervals. These photos can then be combined into a video that shows the passage of time in a condensed format.

It’s perfect for capturing slow events like sunsets, blooming flowers, or bustling city streets, giving you a new perspective on everyday scenes.

4. Nightscape

This mode is specifically designed for low-light photography. It enhances your photos by capturing more light and reducing noise, making your night shots clearer and more detailed.

Whether you’re photographing a city skyline at night or a dimly lit room, Nightscape helps you get the best shot possible.

5. Hi-Res Mode

High Resolution (Hi-Res) Mode allows you to capture photos with greater detail and clarity. This is ideal for situations where you need to zoom in on your photos or when you want to print large, high-quality images.

6. Pro Mode

For photography enthusiasts who want more control over their shots, Pro Mode offers manual settings for ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and more. This mode allows you to tweak every aspect of your photo, ensuring you get the perfect shot every time.

7. Movie Mode

Optimizes the camera settings for video recording. It adjusts factors like frame rate, resolution, and focus to ensure your videos look professional and smooth.

8. Ultra Steady Mode

This feature helps stabilize your video recordings, reducing the shakiness that often comes with handheld shooting. It’s perfect for action shots or when you’re on the move, ensuring your videos remain smooth and watchable.

9. Dual-view Video

This feature allows you to use the front and rear cameras simultaneously. You can capture yourself and the scene in front of you at the same time.

10. Portrait Mode

Creates a depth-of-field effect by blurring the background while keeping the subject in sharp focus. This mode is great for capturing professional-looking portraits, giving your photos a DSLR-like quality with beautiful bokeh effects.

11. Video Portrait

Similar to Portrait Mode, but for videos. It keeps the subject in focus while blurring the background, making your videos look more engaging.

12. Pano (Panorama)

Allows you to capture wide panoramic images by stitching together multiple photos. This mode is perfect for landscapes, cityscapes, or any scene where you want to capture a wider view than a single frame can hold.

13. Macro

Lets you take close-up shots of small objects, capturing intricate details that would be missed with a standard lens. This mode is ideal for photographing flowers, insects, textures, or any other subjects where detail is key.

14. Slo-mo (Slow Motion)

Records videos in slow motion, adding a dramatic effect to your footage. It’s great for capturing fast-moving action in detail, whether it’s a sporting event, water splashing, or any other dynamic scene.

15. Time-lapse

Captures video at a lower frame rate than normal, making time appear to move faster when played back. This feature is perfect for showing long processes in a short amount of time, such as the movement of clouds, traffic flow, or the construction of a building.

It is different from Interval Shooting. Where Interval shooting is all about taking individual pictures at specified time frames, Time-lapse is a video that shows the time passing quickly.

16. Long Exposure

Allows more light to enter the camera sensor by keeping the shutter open for a longer period. This is ideal for night photography, capturing light trails, and creating artistic effects with motion blur.

17. Text-scanner

This feature allows you to scan text from images, converting it into editable digital text. It’s useful for digitizing documents, saving notes from books, or quickly capturing information from posters and signs.

18. Retouching

Provides tools to edit and enhance your photos after you’ve taken them. You can adjust brightness, contrast, color balance, and more, as well as remove blemishes and smooth out imperfections, making sure your photos look their best before you share them.

With these comprehensive features, the OnePlus 12R ensures that you have all the tools you need to capture, edit, and share stunning photos and videos.


The OnePlus 12R is a testament to the fact that excellent photography isn’t just about having the most advanced camera hardware. It’s about how well the hardware and software work together to produce stunning images.

Note: Any verdict given by us on any of the companies, or specs of a device is subjective. Our preferences can be different from yours, so be sure to conduct your own research to make a decision that is good for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a 12R camera good?
The OnePlus 12R’s Camera is not the best. But, it gives you almost flagship level results in the price of a mid ranger.
Does 12R have a Hasselblad camera?
Unlikee OnePlus 12, the OnePlus 12R comes without the Hasselblad branding. Although it is supposed to be a downgrade from OnePlus 12, some users prefer the quality of OnePlus 12R more.
Which camera sensor is used in the OnePlus 12R?
For the main camera, the OnePlus 12R uses 50MP Sony IMX890 sensor to capture stunning photos.

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