How durable is OnePlus 12R? Does it have IP68 rating?


The OnePlus 12R isn’t just fast, it’s tough too. Like, really tough. Drop it, spill water on it, this phone can take it.

Key Takeaways

  1. Rugged Build: The OnePlus 12R features a tough aluminum and magnesium-aluminum alloy construction for excellent durability.
  2. Unique Design: It includes standout elements like the ‘Starlight Dial’ camera and a potentially repositioned alert slider.
  3. Solid Protection: The phone’s IP64 rating offers reliable dust and splash resistance for everyday use.
OnePlus 12R photography

Build Quality and Design

OnePlus is famous for being super careful with the little things, and they’ve carried that tradition over to the OnePlus 12R. This phone is all about the details, my friend. And get this, it’s the first time they’ve released an R-series phone worldwide!

Now, let’s talk looks. The OnePlus 12R isn’t just another boring slab of metal and glass. It’s got style. Picture this: sleek rounded edges and this cool thing called the ‘Starlight Dial’ around the camera. It’s a circle that makes the phone stand out from the crowd.

And remember that alert slider on previous OnePlus models? Well, it’s still here, but it might have switched sides this time around. Why? Well, rumor has it that it’s to make the phone’s antennas work even better. So not only does it look good, but it’s also smart too.

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So, picture this: the 12R is the first of its kind in the R Series lineup to amp up the aluminum content. We’re talking over 20% aluminum. That’s a big deal. From the sturdy aluminum alloy frame to the gutsy magnesium-aluminum alloy insides, this phone is built like a tank. Well, maybe not literally, but you get the idea.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. You won’t find wireless charging or full IP68 dust and water resistance on the 12R.

So, while it might not have all the bells and whistles of some other phones out there, the OnePlus 12R makes up for it with its solid construction and premium feel even in a mid-range budget.

Durability Testing

oneplus 12r
Image Courtesy: OnePlus

The 12R holds up like a champ against scratches, thanks to the top-notch materials used in its construction. So, whether you’re tossing it in your bag with your keys or accidentally sliding it across the table, this phone can handle it all.

While it does sport an IP64 rating, it’s worth mentioning that it might not meet everyone’s expectations for a phone in 2024.

So, what does that IP64 rating actually mean? Well, it’s pretty decent. The 6 in IP64 means it’s dust-tight, so you don’t have to worry about any sneaky particles making their way inside. And as for the 4, that means it can handle water splashing against it from any direction without breaking a sweat. So far, so good, right?

But here’s the kicker: it’s not meant to take a dip. While it can handle a little splash here and there, it’s not designed to be fully submerged underwater. So, if you were planning on taking your 12R for a swim, you might want to think again.

Overall, the OnePlus 12R’s waterproofing is pretty solid for everyday use, but just remember to keep it away from any deep water adventures.

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Battery Life and Performance

When it comes to durability, battery life also plays a big role. The OnePlus 12R’s battery is pretty durable in the long run, as well as on a daily basis.

OnePlus 12R battery life: Even better than the OnePlus 12!


Take a look at the 12R’s build quality. It is pretty solid with very good scratch resistance as well as an IP64 rating that is perfect for a normal user.

And let’s talk about that battery life. It’s not just good, it’s record-setting! You can go all day without needing to plug in, which is a total game-changer.

Note: Any verdict given by us on any of the companies, or specs of a device is subjective. Our preferences can be different from yours, so be sure to conduct your own research to make a decision that is good for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does 12R come with a screen protector?
Yes, the OnePlus 12R comes with a pre-applied screen protector which adds up to its durability.
Is the OnePlus 12R water resistant?
Yes, the OnePlus 12R is water resistant with IP64 rating. This means that it is completely resistant to dust, Whereas it can bear water sprays from all sides.
What is the body material of OnePlus 12R?
The OnePlus 12R comes with an aluminum build which is a pretty solid material and increases phone durability.

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