Is Galaxy AI practical? It is but…


Samsung, being the tech giant it is, decided to sprinkle some of the AI into their Galaxy phones. They call it Galaxy AI, and it’s supposed to be all about making your phone life easier.

But, is it actually practical or are they just trying to catch up with the AI trend? The answer is a BIG YES!

Key Takeaways

  1. Galaxy AI: It is a suite of smart features crafted by Samsung for its smartphones, designed to make the user experience smarter and simpler. Go to the “In-Depth Analysis” section for details.
  2. Practicality: These features are user-friendly and practical, enhancing various aspects of smartphone use. For instance, Live Translate facilitates seamless communication in different languages during voice calls.
  3. Concerns: While Galaxy AI offers practical solutions to everyday smartphone challenges, there are concerns regarding privacy, data handling, and the integration of multiple AI systems.

What is Galaxy AI?

galaxy ai is coming

Galaxy AI is like a fancy toolbox filled with smart techniques made by Samsung for its smartphones. Inside this toolbox, you’ve got all sorts of cool stuff like Circle to Search, Browsing Assist, Transcript Assist, Photo Assist, Generative Edit, Call Assist/Live Translate, Chat Assist, and Note Assist.

Now, what do all these fancy features do? Well, they’re basically like little helpers that make your phone life easier.

The goal here is to make your smartphone experience a whole lot smarter and simpler. It’s like having a bunch of little AI minions working behind the scenes to make sure your phone does exactly what you need it to do, when you need it.

These features were originally introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series which include the Galaxy S24 Ultra, S24+ and the S24. But now, it is also available for the S23 series after the One UI 6.1 update rolled out.

The Practicality of Galaxy AI

samsung galaxy ai

User-Friendly Features

Alright, let’s talk about how user-friendly and practical these Galaxy AI features are. Samsung didn’t just slap them together haphazardly; oh no, they were carefully crafted to be easy to use.

Take Circle to Search, for example. It’s like having a technological magnifying glass right on your screen. You just draw a circle around something you’re curious about, and bam! Your phone goes on a hunt to find more stuff like it.

No more endless scrolling through search results – just circle, click, and you’re golden. Easy, right? That’s what Galaxy AI is all about.

Enhanced Privacy

Since some of the Galaxy AI’s features works on the cloud, maybe you’re a bit wary about where your data goes. No worries, because Galaxy AI has your back!

One neat thing about it is that you get to choose how your tasks get handled – offline or up in the cloud. Now, why does that matter? Well, It’s for folks who like to keep things on the down-low when it comes to their data.

But, here are the drawbacks: If you decide to restrict data to take a trip to the cloud, some of the features which require larger models for best results may not work properly when processing locally.

Improved User Experience

Now, imagine this: You’re on a call with someone who speaks a different language, and you’re struggling to understand each other. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces. But fear not, because Galaxy AI swoops in to save the day!

With Live Translate, it’s like having your own personal language translator right in your pocket.

It translates voice calls in real time, so you can chat away with someone in a different language without missing a beat.

No more awkward pauses or confusion – just smooth sailing, thanks to Galaxy AI.


Without any jargon, the short answer “Yes! Galaxy AI is practical” and you can see why. Live Translate is the feature which has the most applications. Other features too actually solve some problem instead of being just a trendy gimmick. Later in this article, we’d dig deep down in every feature of Galaxy AI.

Concerns and Limitations

Ah, yes, let’s address the elephant in the room: the concerns surrounding Galaxy AI. While it’s all sunshine and rainbows with its practical features, there are a few clouds looming overhead.

One biggie is the whole tangled web of AI. We mean, you’ve got Samsung’s AI, Google’s AI, and who knows what else floating around in the mix. It’s like trying to untangle a bunch of headphone wires – frustrating, to say the least. And then there’s the whole offline vs. cloud processing thing. It’s enough to make your head spin!

But wait, there’s more! There are also concerns about safety, privacy, and ethics. I mean, let’s be real here – handing over your data to a bunch of digital gizmos can be a bit nerve-wracking. Even though it has the option to perform tasks locally instead of cloud, the performance of these features would also be affected. So you would find yourself, turning it on anways when results don’t satisfy you.

Who’s to say where it’s going or what it’s being used for? It’s like giving your house keys to a stranger and hoping they don’t snoop around.

So yeah, while Galaxy AI is all about making your life easier, it’s not without its fair share of concerns. But hey, at least we’re talking about it, right?

In-Depth Analysis of Galaxy AI Features

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features of Galaxy AI and how they enhance the user experience.

Circle to Search

Let’s chat about Circle to Search. Here’s the lowdown: You see something interesting on your screen, and you’re like, “Hey, I wanna know more about that!” So what do you do? You circle the thing and your phone springs into action, scouring the depths of the internet for anything related to what you circled.

It’s like having a detective on speed dial – except this detective works at the speed of light!

Now, why is this such a big deal? Well, think about it. You’re scrolling through your social feed, and you come across some gadget that has no name on it. You want to know more about it. Just circle it and the thing finds all sorts of information about it.

Browsing Assist

Alright, let’s talk about Browsing Assist – it’s like having a personal tour guide for the internet. This feature is all about making your web surfing experience way more smoother.

So, picture this: You’re cruising through the vast expanse of the internet, and suddenly, you stumble upon a word you’ve never seen before. Cue the confusion, right? Wrong! Because with Browsing Assist, you’re covered.

It’s like having a built-in dictionary right at your fingertips, ready to define any unfamiliar words you come across.

But wait, there’s more! Let’s say you’re browsing a website in a language you don’t speak – talk about a head-scratcher! Fear not, because Browsing Assist swoops in to save the day.

However this feature is a bit of gimmick since google already has this feature for a pretty long time.

Transcript Assist

Now transcript assist is like having a secretary in your pocket, ready to jot down every word you say in real-time. This feature is a big deal for anyone who needs to transcribe stuff on the fly.

Imagine you’re in a lecture, trying to scribble down notes as fast as the professor is speaking. It’s like trying to catch raindrops with a paper cup – pretty much impossible! But with Transcript Assist, you can relax knowing that every word is being recorded and transcribed right before your eyes.

It’s like having a super-powered stenographer following you around, capturing every word with precision.

And hey, it’s not just for lectures – Transcript Assist is also a lifesaver for journalists on the go.

So whether you’re a student, journalist, or just someone who loves to capture every moment, Transcript Assist is the ultimate tool for turning spoken words into written gold.

Photo Assist

Ah, let’s dive into Photo Assist – it’s like having a personal tour guide for your photo album.

imagine you’re scrolling through your camera roll, and you stumble upon a photo of something cool, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is. With Photo Assist, you’ve got your very own detective on standby.

Just snap a pic of whatever’s puzzling you, and Photo Assist springs into action, analyzing every pixel to figure out what’s what.

But wait, there’s more! Photo Assist doesn’t stop at just identifying objects. It also goes the extra mile by suggesting similar images or related content.

It works a bit like Circle to Search but for real world stuff!

Generative Edit

This feature is all about taking the hassle out of editing and making it as easy as pie.

So, here’s the deal: You’ve got this awesome photo, but it could use a little sprucing up, right? Instead of scratching your head and fumbling around with sliders and buttons, Generative Edit does it all for you.

Using the power of AI, it analyzes your photo and figures out exactly what needs tweaking.

Not only this but it can also do things like removing background for your résumé picture, or get the crowd out of scene for a better portrait.

Call Assist/Live Translate

live translate call

Alright, buckle up because we’re diving into Call Assist – it’s like having a language interpreter on speed dial, ready to break down language barriers with just a tap.

Imagine this: You’re on a call with someone who speaks a different language, and you’re struggling to understand each other – frustrating, right? But fear not, because Call Assist is here to save the day!

With Call Assist, it’s like having your own personal translator, working in real-time to turn gibberish into crystal-clear conversation. No more awkward pauses or misunderstandings – just smooth sailing, even if you’re speaking different languages.

And hey, it’s not just for casual chats – Call Assist is a game-changer for international business calls, too. Whether you’re sealing the deal with a client halfway around the world or collaborating with colleagues from different cultures, Call Assist has got your back.

Chat Assist

Chat Assist analyzes the conversation and suggests responses faster than you can! No more racking your brain for the perfect reply – Chat Assist has got your back, with smart suggestions that keep the conversation rolling smoothly.

Now this feature has been around for a decent amount of time but AI just made it more useful.

Note Assist

With Note Assist, it’s like having your own personal note-taking “Assistant”. It analyzes the content of your meeting or lecture and suggests relevant notes faster than you can say “take a memo.” This feature works pretty much the same as Transcript assist.

More details about the topic at Samsung


To wrap things up, let’s take a moment to reflect on Galaxy AI. It’s like having a toolbox full of handy gadgets for your smartphone – practical, but not without its considerations.

Sure, Galaxy AI brings a bunch of cool features to the table, making our smartphone experience smoother and more enjoyable. But hey, let’s not forget to keep our eyes peeled for potential concerns. Like any technology, Galaxy AI has its quirks and nuances that users should be aware of.

So let’s see if Samsung addresses these concerns and makes the Galaxy AI even more practical.

Note: Any verdict given by us on any of the companies, or specs of a device is subjective. Our preferences can be different from yours, so be sure to conduct your own research to make a decision that is good for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Samsung AI any good?
It is one of the biggest upgrades in Samsung mobile phone devices and brought a bunch of the features to the table as discussed in the article.
Is Galaxy AI free?
Galaxy AI is free now but it won’t be free after the end of 2025. Samsung wants to capture the market and make their product better first.
Which phone will get Galaxy AI?
Initially it was only available for the S24 series but with One UI 6.1 update, the Galaxy AI is also available for the S23 series smartphones.

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