What is Oneplus 12 Aqua Touch? Oneplus Exclusive?

one plus 12 aqua touch


With the release of OnePlus 12, OnePlus introduced a new feature called Aqua Touch. Sounds watery, Right? It’s a solution like the wheel. Simple, yet very effective.

Key Takeaways

  1. Seamless Touch: OnePlus’s Aqua Touch adjusts touch sensitivity for smooth operation even when the screen is wet, ensuring uninterrupted use regardless of weather conditions.
  2. OnePlus vs. Samsung: OnePlus 12’s Aqua Touch competes with Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra in delivering water-resistant touchscreens, highlighting the importance of advanced software for optimal user experiences.
  3. Setting Trends: While not exclusive to OnePlus, Aqua Touch sets a standard for smartphone innovation, with rivals like Samsung and potential future developments from Apple shaping the touchscreen landscape.

Understanding Aqua Touch

OnePlus has truly outdone themselves with Aqua Touch. Here’s the lowdown: this tech is like having a little genius inside your phone that can detect water droplets. And get this – it actually adjusts the touch settings on the fly so you can keep on swiping and tapping without a hitch.

So, picture this: you’re out and about, and suddenly it starts raining. Your phone’s screen gets drenched, but thanks to Aqua Touch, it’s no biggie. Your touchscreen keeps on working like a champ, giving you that smooth experience you love.

But it doesn’t stop there. Even if your fingers are wet – maybe you just washed your hands or accidentally spilled your drink – Aqua Touch still has your back.

With Aqua Touch on board, OnePlus has truly raised the bar when it comes to smartphone practicality. Talking about practicality, OnePlus 12 has somethings which are not quite practical. For that you can check this article.

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The Science Behind Aqua Touch

Behind the scenes, the OnePlus 12 is running some seriously clever software.

aqua touch oneplus 12

First things first, it adjusts the touch settings of the screen to make sure it still responds smoothly to your taps and swipes, even with those pesky water droplets hanging around.

And the best part? You don’t even have to lift a finger (pun intended). It’s all taken care of automatically, so you can focus on what matters most – enjoying your OnePlus 12 to the fullest.

Aqua Touch: A Solution to a Common Problem

And let’s talk about convenience. Imagine you’re out and about, trying to find your way home in a light rain shower. Normally, you’d have to deal with that frustrating delay every time you try to use your phone’s touchscreen. But with Aqua Touch, it’s smooth sailing all the way.

It is a simple solution to a very common problem.

Aqua Touch: Exclusive to OnePlus?

OnePlus 12

It’s quite intriguing how Aqua Touch, the star feature of OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R, isn’t as unique as OnePlus initially claimed. Turns out, Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series comes pretty close to matching the performance of Aqua Touch on the OnePlus devices as seen in this article from 91 Mobiles.

But here’s the twist: while Samsung seems to be catching up, Apple’s iPhones haven’t quite jumped on the Aqua Touch bandwagon yet. Maybe they’re cooking up something even more revolutionary, or perhaps they’re just taking their time to perfect it. Either way, it’s interesting to see how different smartphone giants are approaching the touchscreen experience.

So, while Aqua Touch may not be as exclusive as we thought, it’s still a pretty impressive feature that sets OnePlus apart in the world of smartphones.

The Future of Aqua Touch

Since Aqua Touch was cooked up by the brains at OnePlus, it’s no shocker that you’ll only find this nifty tech on their latest devices, the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R.

But Samsung already seems to be doing good with this feature, they just have to give it a name. And who knows if Apple launches a feature called iAqua🙂

But we can only make assumptions. And there is no doubt that this feature will soon be introduced by other companies with same functionality and probably different names.


To wrap it all up, let’s give a round of applause to the OnePlus 12 Aqua Touch. Not only does it make using your phone a breeze, but it also raises the bar for what we can expect from other manufacturers.

With Aqua Touch leading the charge, we’re excited to see where the smartphone industry goes from here. Will other brands follow suit and introduce their own versions of water-savvy touchscreens? Only time will tell.

But one thing’s for sure: OnePlus has set a high standard, and we can’t wait to see how this technology evolves and spreads to even more smartphones in the future.

Note: Any verdict given by us on any of the companies, or specs of a device is subjective. Our preferences can be different from yours, so be sure to conduct your own research to make a decision that is good for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the OnePlus 12 waterproof?
OnePlus 12 having an IP65 rating is dust proof and can bear medium jets of water. But it is not waterproof.
Which oneplus have aqua touch?
At the time of writing this article (April 17, 2024), the Aqua Touch feature is only available in OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R models.
How good is OnePlus Aqua Touch?
The OnePlus Aqua touch is not gimmick. Till now, most people who tested it are giving a positive review that it works very well and it is very practical.

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