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With the integration of Google Assistant, the Pixel 8 & Pro allows you to perform a multitude of tasks hands-free, making your day-to-day activities more efficient and accessible.

Key Takeaways

  1. Setting Up: Ensure your Pixel 8 is running Android 5.0 or higher, both phone and Google Assistant share the same language, and the Google app is updated.
  2. Activation: Initiate voice control by saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google,” or use the Voice Access app or activation button on your home screen.
  3. Voice Commands: Use a variety of commands for basic operations, communication, navigation, productivity, information, and smart home control, to enhance hands-free phone use.

Getting Started with Voice Commands

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First things first, let’s make sure your Pixel 8 phone and Google Assistant are both speaking the same language. You don’t want them getting into a language fight!

Make sure your phone is running Android 5.0 or higher. Also, double-check that the Google app on your phone is updated to the latest version.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out:

  1. Same Language: Go into your phone’s settings and make sure both your phone and Google Assistant are set to the same language. If one is speaking French and the other Spanish, they won’t understand each other very well!
  2. Android Version: Check that your phone is using Android 5.0 or newer. You can find this in the ‘About Phone’ section of your settings. You don’t need to worry about this as much because most phones these days including the Pixel 8 series have higher Android versions.
  3. Update Google App: Open the Play Store and search for the Google app. If there’s an update available, hit that ‘Update’ button.

By following these steps, you’ll ensure everything is in sync and running smoothly. No one likes tech trouble, especially when it’s easily avoidable.


To start using voice control on your Pixel 8 or 8 Pro, you can say “Hey Google” or “Ok Google,” and then say what you need.

You also have a couple of other ways to turn on Voice Access:

  1. Voice Access App: Just tap the Voice Access app on your phone.
  2. Activation Button: You might see an activation button on your home screen. Press it to get started.

These methods make it easy to use your phone hands-free. So, whether you’re cooking or driving, you can still get things done!

List of Voice Commands

Pixel 8 & 8 Pro voice commands list

Basic Operations

  • “Open [app name]”: Launches the desired application.
  • “Take a photo/selfie”: Opens the camera and captures a photo.
  • “Increase/decrease brightness”: Adjusts the screen brightness accordingly.
  • “Turn on/off Wi-Fi”: Toggles the Wi-Fi connection.
  • “Set an alarm for [time]”: Sets an alarm for the specified time.


  • “Call [contact name]”: Initiates a phone call to the specified contact.
  • “Text [contact name] [message]”: Sends a text message to the contact.
  • “Send an email”: Opens the email app to compose a new email.
  • “Read my messages”: Reads out new text messages.

Navigation and Travel

  • “Navigate to [location]”: Starts navigation to the chosen destination.
  • “Find [type of business] near me”: Searches for nearby businesses like restaurants or gas stations.


  • “Create a new calendar event”: Opens the calendar to add a new event.
  • “Remind me to [task] at [time/date]”: Sets a reminder for a specific task.

Information and Web Search

  • “What’s the weather like?”: Provides the current weather forecast.
  • “Define [word]”: Gives the definition of the specified word.
  • “Search for [query]”: Performs a web search for the given query.

Smart Home Control

  • “Turn on/off the lights”: Controls smart lights connected to your device.
  • “Adjust the thermostat to [temperature]”: Sets the smart thermostat to the desired temperature.

Customization and Settings

  • “Change voice settings”: Accesses the voice control settings to make adjustments.
  • “What can you do?”: Lists more examples of voice control commands.

Tips for Effective Voice Control

  • Speak clearly and naturally, as if you were talking to a person.
  • Be specific with your commands to get the best results.
  • Use the name of the app or function exactly as it appears on your device.

Check how you can get personalized results with Google assistant at Google Support


The Google’s voice commands transform the way you interact with your phone, offering a seamless and intuitive experience. By utilizing these commands, you can stay connected and productive without ever lifting a finger.

Note: Any verdict given by us on any of the companies, or specs of a device is subjective. Our preferences can be different from yours, so be sure to conduct your own research to make a decision that is good for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I ensure my Pixel phone and Google Assistant are set to the same language?
To make sure your Pixel 8 and Google Assistant are speaking the same language, go into your phone’s settings and select the same language for both the device and Google Assistant. This can be done in the language settings section of your phone.
What are the different ways to activate Voice Access on the Pixel 8 & Pro?
You can activate Voice Access on your Pixel 8 or 8 Pro by saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google.” Alternatively, you can tap the Voice Access app on your phone or use the activation button on your home screen.
What should I do if Google Assistant isn’t responding to my voice commands?
If Google Assistant isn’t responding, ensure that the Google app is updated to the latest version. Check the language settings to ensure both your phone and Google Assistant are set to the same language.

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